Digital tire gauge and emergency hammer

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Check out the digital tire gauge and take a quick tour of  tire gauge! Back lit LCD display and Lighted nozzle for visibility in dimly light areas. 

Designed to maintain correct tire pressure, reduce tire wear and extend tire life; Digital display reading instantly and clearly being shown, no longer do the guesswork of analog gauges.

Nozzle easily forms a seal with the valve stem on  valves, giving quick and accurate readings in 0.1 increments; 4 settings with range: 0-150PSI / 0-10Bar / 0-10Kgf/cm² or 0-1000KPA.

Simply press “ON/UNIT/OFF” button to turn on the tool, select the range, and automatically shut off in 30-40 seconds to save the power; Non-slip texture makes it easy to hold onto and the ergonomic design is both suitable for men and women’s hands

3 in 1 digital tire gauge

Measurement Ranges: PSI: 0-150, Bar: 0-10, KPA: 0-1000, Kg/cm: 0-10

Minimum Increment: 0.5 PSI

Power: 3V Lithium Coin Cell, Battery Included

LCD display Operating temperature: 23-122 ℉

Product size: 87*30*45mm

N.W: 0.13KGS