Voltage: DC12V
Max. Amp: <9 Amps
Inflate time*: <5 mins
Max. pressure: 120psi
Cable length: 3000±100mm
Hose length: 500±20mm
Operation temperature: -20~60ºC
Dimensions: 229*215*86mm
Net weight: 1.6kgs
Include tire sealant: 430ml
Repair puncture: < diameter of 6.5mm for tubeless tire.

*Based on a flat standard tyre 195/65R15 to 35psi

  • 12 Volt
  • Large easy to read pressure gauge
  • 3 adaptors for inflatables
  • 0-120psi gauge
  • 3m power cable
  • Easy to use

Package: color box + outer carton



Fast and powerful: This nicely air compressor tire inflator can inflate a standard mid-sized car tire from 0-35 PSI in 6 minutes. It has a max pressure of 120 PSI. The compact design and high-quality materials ensure a long service life for the air compressor tire inflator.

Long charging cable: At 3m (12 feet) long of the power cord so that you can absolutely reach any of the 4 wheels and further. Easy reach the back tires by using this air compressor tire inflator.

3 Bonus nozzle adapters: The wide range of uses this car tire pump offers provides even better value. The tire inflator includes 3 high air-flow nozzles and adapters, so that can inflate many kinds of tires without worrying about finding an external power supply. It can inflate car, bike, motorcycle, as well as sports equipment and inflatables.

Easy operation: Three read units to make it easier and more convenient to read the pressure. This means the pressure can be better controlled when inflating tires to ensure safety.

Buy with confidence: All purchases are backed by our 12-month “No Questions Asked” warranty and tech support. It’s a very handy device to have in the trunk of your car. We want you to love the product. With strong Research & Development team, we constantly update new tire inflator and supply OEM and ODM service. If you have any questions or issues don’t hesitate to contact us.

Air compressor tire inflator operating instructions

1.Start the car engine before using.
2.Insert the car plug of compressor into the car socket.
3.Connect the nozzle of the compressor to the nozzle of the tyre. Be caution that the fitting must be tight enough.
4.Open the power switch. After the air pressure due to the tyre pressure values.
(210~250kPa / 2.1~2.5bar / 30~35psi).Then turn power off, and back-out the nozzle from the tyre and pack it for next using.